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Marque Enthusiasts

MARQUE ENTHUSIASTS are Club members who have a special interest in a particular make or topic. They may not necessarily be experts but will often hold a lot of information which can help other members with their machines and provide a focal point for interest in their particular topic. Listed below are some of the subjects covered by Marque Enthusiasts.

Please note that as Marque Enthusiasts are all volunteers this service is available to Club members only.

  • Alpex, American cycles pre 1905, American cycles post 1905, Ariel, Armstrong
  • Bamboo Cycles, Bates, Bayliss Thomas, Belgian Bicycles, Bertrands, Bickerton, George Brooks, Claud Butler
  • Carlton, Carpenter, Centaur, Chater Lea, Cheshire Manchester & Merseyside made machines, Clark Family Cycle Business (Cogent, Wearwell, Wolf & Wulfruna), Constrictor, Joe Cook Cycles (Imperial Petrel), Crypto & Front Drivers, CWS (Co-op/Federation), Cycle Costume, Cycle racing at Brooklands, Cycle Speedway & Bicycle Polo, Cycle Racing (etc) at Brooklands
  • Dawes Cycles, Duckett, Duke of London, Dursley Pedersen
  • Early English Boneshakers, Elswick-Hopper, Ephgrave (Les) Cycles, F W Evans, Excel
  • Norman Fay Cycle Frames, Ferris Cycles, Fonteyn & Co., Frederick Cycles, French Cycles
  • Jim Guard, Gerrard, A S Gillott, Globe Cycles (Clarke Cluley & Co), Granby, Grecian Cycles, F H Grubb
  • Reg Harris, R O Harrison, Jack Hateley Cycles, Hercules up to 1939, Hetchins, Higgins, Hill Special & Adam Hill, Hobbs of Barbican, Hobby Horse, Hodge, Holdsworth, Holmes of Welling, Hub Gears
  • Ivel
  • James
  • Kirk
  • La Queree , Langsett, Lea Francis, Leach Marathon, Frank Lipscombe, Lovelace
  • Maclean, Major Nichols, Mal Rees, Meridian Cycles, Military Cycles, H R Morris, Moulton (Classic)
  • Named English Ordinaries, New Hudson, Norman,
  • Osmond
  • Paragon, Paris, Parkes Lightweights, Peugeot, Philips, Premier
  • Quinton
  • Raleigh to 1930, Raleigh from 1930, Raleigh Sports & Lightweights from 1930, Recumbents, Referee, Rensch, Rotrax, Rover, Royal Enfield, Rudge-Whitworth to 1943
  • Saxon, Selbach, Sheffield-Langsett, Simplex, Singer, Pat Skeates, P.T. Stallard, Stevens of North London, Stokes of London, Sturmey Archer, Sun, Sunbeam, Swift
  • Tabucchi Tyre Co., Tyres & Tubes
  • Velocar & other recumbents, Viking
  • Waller, Warricks of Reading, Williamson Brothers of Holloway, Cyril Wren
  • Youngs Cycles
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