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History of the Veteran-Cycle Club

The idea of the Club came from Derek and John Roberts who called a meeting held on 25th June 1955 which was attended by H.G. Achard, Alex Behr, H J Maynard, D Powell and the Roberts brothers. The original aim was to study and exchange information on cycles and cycling; in addition, John Roberts suggested it would be possible to produce a quarterly magazine containing a real photograph of an old machine, and Derek Roberts thought it worth attempting an annual run for veteran cycles rather on the lines of the London to Brighton run for old cars, but from Ripley - the cyclists' Mecca of the late nineteenth century - instead of Brighton. The first magazine appeared in the autumn of 1955, the first run was held in 1956 from Ripley in Surrey to Hyde Park, London.

At the inaugural meeting on 25th June 1955 the club was named the Southern Veteran-Cycle Club. At the AGM of 25th April 1987 "Southern" was deleted from the Club name  and it was  then to be known as the Veteran-Cycle Club. However for a connecting link to the Club's former history, official publications still carry the subtitled note  "founded in 1955 as Southern Veteran-Cycle Club". 
  The Club that began as a small group of enthusiasts with a shared interest has now become the biggest club of its type in the world with an international membership of over 2,500 members. It has two glossy club publications, News & Views every two months and The Boneshaker three times a year plus an annual yearbook. Over 300 riding and social events take place each year throughout the British mainland plus a few overseas events. The large membership provides a wealth and depth of knowledge for each other with researching information, trying to identify machines as well as helping with the conservation of old machines and the locating of spares.

The Club will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year.



Images scanned from Club scrapbooks