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The Veteran-Cycle Club was originally formed in 1955 to promote the riding and conservation of old cycles in addition to the study and exchange of information about the history of cycles and cycling. Today the club has grown to over 2300 members from all over the world who enjoy many benefits and services through club membership.

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News & Views 362 August/September

N&V will be a few days late as it has been held up by production delays with the Yearbook which is normally included with August magazine posting.


Additional event - 9th August - East Anglian Tricycle Event

Bicycles have two wheels by definition. In the full knowledge of this the V-CC Flat Section SWB (Surplus Wheel Battalion) has now risen to the challenge and we plan to host an event for those challenged by the act of balance on two wheels and those nuts enough to fully experience the inconvenience of adverse road cambers when having one driving wheel in the gutter at all times: yes, we give you our first tricycle-only event.
This is to be held on a Saturday afternoon: August the 9th, we will congregate at Focus Foods in Halesworth at 3.00pm for coffee and cake in order to attempt a number of timed sprints along the new cycle path to nearby Mellis.
The route is under one mile each way, and snakes across the water meadows on beautiful hard tarmac barely a trike width with no motorised traffic there to challenge us. Timed rides in each direction and the rider that gets their two times as close as possible over two attempts will walk away with a grand trophy.
After the event we plan a 30 mile ride (on any machine) to a variety of fine pubs in the locale and, perhaps, some dinner at the end.
Camping available for those that want to make a weekend of it. Contact Cally Callomon - details as Yearbook


Recent Publication

Herne Hill - From Stadium to Velodrome

by John Watts


To order this and other titles please contact Club Sales

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The club includes all cycles from tandems to tricycles - from solid-tyred machines through roadsters to classic lightweights and beyond - in fact anything collectable or of interest. 

There are events to cater for all tastes and abilities and we are particularly pleased to see families out riding on our events. However - you don't even need to own a bicycle to join - you just need to have an interest in cycles and cycling history. All cycle history is of relevance to the Club.

Whatever You Ride . . . 
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